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Description of Fitly All-day Activity Tracker


Fitly (formerly known as Move2Play) is the only all-day activity & sports tracker for the rest of us. Unlike conventional sports trackers, Fitly automatically figures out when you leave for a walk or a jog. No need to turn tracking on and off again.

Using your phone’s built-in GPS, Fitly tracks any outdoor activity, such as walking, running or cycling. To conserve battery life, Fitly automatically turns the GPS off when you are not active, for example when at home or at work.

Fitly gives you an overview of all your daily activity, including duration, distance, speed and calories burned. Moreover, Fitly is great for tracking your improvement over time using charts showing your activity by day, month or even year.

While Fitly stores location data on your phone to enable you to view your workouts on a map, no location data is ever uploaded or shared with anyone. We take your privacy seriously.

Moreover, Fitly allows you to choose from 11 fitness levels and gives you a quick overview of how you’ve been doing so far today, so you can see at a glance how much is left to achieve your daily goal.

Unlike other sports trackers, Fitly offers an uncluttered user interface geared towards minimalism and does not try to overwhelm you with lots of unnecessary features.


Please note: Due to the vast number of different Android devices, we cannot guarantee that Fitly will function flawlessly on your handset. However, Fitly has been tested extensively with a number of popular phones and should work well for most users. It is still early days for Fitly and we will strive to make the app better over time. If you’d like to help us improve the app, please send us feedback on your experience using Fitly

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APK Information - Fitly All-day Activity Tracker

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Android compatability
Android 2.2.x+ (Froyo)
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